10 Weird Bookish Facts About Me

95% sure bookstagram is going to disown me for this, but it’s time to face the facts. I’m a terrible book owner. And I love it.

1. Sometimes I organise my books backwards.

I say sometimes but I actually mean all the time, because it makes more sense for me to order them backwards. I don’t know why, but my brain looks at bookshelves from right to left, not left to right. So, if I place the first in a series on the right, and then chronologically from there to the left, I’ll look at the spines back to front. It won’t feel right. I didn’t even realise I did this until my mum looked perplexedly at my shelf and wondered why I’d ordered them from last to first. Then I looked at her in complete bafflement and wondered what she meant. After that, I realised that libraries and bookstores ordered them opposite to me, and well, I’m *different* okay?

2. I have a rainbow shelf… and I also have a neutral shelf.

I have three places I keep my books. One is a bookshelf, another is a table, and the third is a little cut-out area of the desk in my room. In the shelf, I have four cubes – one is dedicated to my out of order Harry Potter collection (see 4), one is dedicated to some Potions Candle Co. stock that’s waiting to be loved, and the other two are my rainbow and neutrals. I should probably admit right now that I own less than fifty books. I move around a lot, I can’t own heaps. So, the rainbow shelf is the body of my collection, it contains my Sherlock Holmes books, a few classics, some non-fiction and my YA books. Because there aren’t many books, the series’ that are split up are really close enough not to bother me. I don’t have to walk to another shelf to get the sequel to a book, I just have to look three books away. It’s no big deal. As for my neutral shelf, well, I like the juxtaposition of the vibrant rainbow and the muted neutrals. Again, there are only a few books on this shelf (it’s my fairytale and fairytale re-telling shelf), so it’s hardly a difficult thing to find the book I want to read, even though they’re sitting back to front (also ordered back to front, I’ll have you know).

3. If I don’t love a book, I won’t own it… even if it’s the second in a trilogy and I own the first and third…

I’ll come straight out with it, I own Illuminae and Obsidio but I don’t own Gemina, likewise, I own The Bone Season and The Song Rising but I don’t own The Mime Order. If I want to re-read them, I’ll just loan them as an eBook from my library. Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m really not one for caring much about what my bookshelves look like (the rainbow is very pretty).

4. I order series by size, not chronologically.

I have five of the seven Harry Potter books on my shelf (the first two are protected, hidden away from suspected silverfish who eat books, the cretins), and they’re not in order. Please don’t misunderstand me, I do know the order of the Harry Potter books, but if you looked at my shelves you’d probably think I don’t. In fact, from left to right they go: The Deathly Hallows, the Goblet of Fire,  The Half Blood Prince, the Order of the Pheonix and then The Prisoner of Azkaban. If you weren’t familiar with my editions, and only judge by size however, you probably would think they are in proper back-to-front order if you looked at them from afar, which is what I like.

5. I also order my shelves by preference, not genre or author or anything else.

I have a shelf for books I really, really, really love or am currently reading, and then I have a place for books I really, really love, and then I have a place for books I really love or were super cheap and I want to read them at some place. Then, I have the aforementioned Harry Potter shelf (it’d be an injustice to split them up) and the facing backwards, back-to-front fairytale and fairytale retelling shelf.

6. I carry around a book in my bag at all times. It’s a popular penguin’s edition of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It has a circle on the front where the orange part of the cover has come off because I tried to scrub off the blackcurrant juice I spilled on it. It’s also kind of falling to pieces.

I’m not convinced I need to add any more to this.

7. Most of my books have cracked spines, to be honest.

I went through a phase of thinking that every single book deserved the honour of looking well read – of looking loved, if you will. So one day, when I was seventeen, I sat down and purposely cracked the spine of every single book I owned. Admittedly, I didn’t own many, but I still retain the few I had, which still bear the scars of my love. I’m not even sorry about it. Plus, they’re so much easier to handle. (Okay, so I may have compromised the strength and integrity of the spine, but I didn’t know that’s what I was doing when I was making them look well loved).

8. Sometimes I dog-ear.

Especially if it’s a page I love. I’m not thoroughly opposed to dogearing. In fact, it kind of fascinates me. Whenever I come across a dog ear, I always stop to wonder why I (or anyone previously reading the book) stopped at that particular page. Did they intentionally dog-ear it, so to come back later and re-read a passage, or was that where they stopped, and why? Why stop there? What called them away from the book? Or what failed to draw them in? I might actually have a soft spot for dog-earing. Maybe. But I hate people writing on library books, especially if it’s non-fiction and they’re trying to correct something that’s been written but they are actually wrong. That’s a pet peeve.

9. Sometimes I balance aforementioned copy of Sherlock Holmes in dangerous places like on the edge of bridge handrails over fast running rapids.

I live life with my books on the edge. It’s cool. Plus, I mean, let’s be truly completely honest, my popular penguin copy of Sherlock Holmes is so battered that soaking wet pages would probably be an improvement on the overall look of it.

10. I take books into the ocean.

It’s what I do.riverside library reading in the ocean

What are your weird bookish facts? Do they put mine to shame? Let me know in the comments below.

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