10 Songs + Artists To Get You Adventure Ready

I love music, always have, hopefully always will. Music is one of my passions in life. I’ve always listened to music for an inordinate amount of time during the day, and it’s my favourite thing to do. I’m that person who dances around the kitchen while cooking, around the living room while cleaning, and anywhere when I’m bored. It’s a rare day that I don’t find make time to dance. Now that the end of winter is flying by and the first blooms of spring are popping up along with the first of the baby animals I’m getting in the mood for adventure. Thanks to Spotify shuffle I’ve been finding heaps of great artists and songs that are getting me into the adventure mood. 

I’ve tried to mix it up and include songs that can fit into different genres, but generally when I’m in the mood for adventure music I turn to that folky-kind-of-pop-and-indie genre (if that’s a genre at all). I’ve put a little note before each video letting you know what genre the song is.

I hope you find something you like!

Stormy Weather

Ed Whitcher

Folk/Pop – A calm, acoustic style song perfect for those early morning road-trip stars, and sunset beachside drives with a special someone (real or fictional, up to you). 

Compass Heart

Toby Johnson

Folk/Pop – I’m a sucker for clapping to an acoustic guitar, so I’m a sucker for this song from the very beginning. It’s even about adventure. It makes me want to go running through a long grassy field. 

Sunday Morning

Jay Putty

Folk/Pop – This song almost has a jazz vibe in some parts, and I love it.

Notable mention: All I Need to Know

Whole Lives

Jake Scott

Country-ish Folky Pop – This song makes me want to fall in love.

The Entire Mamma Mia 2 Soundtrack

Mamma Mia Cast

Pop – Reimagining ABBA songs for a modern audience, um yes please? I even bought myself some Donna style dungarees the other day so I am 100% ready to move to a gorgeous island, live in a run-down house, have three boyfriends and communicate solely through ABBA songs.

My My My 

Tom Speight

Pop/Folk – This one makes me so happy. I can’t resist dancing to it whenever it’s on. In fact, I’m listening to it right now and my cat is loving it. If cats could laugh, she’d be laughing. 

Deep into the Wild

Honoraries, Volunteer

Folk/Pop – I want to run up a mountain to this song.

The Soundtrack of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Various Artists

This one has a mix of songs and genres. I love it.



Folk/Pop – Another acoustic style song that begins to pick up after the chorus. This one has such a fun beat, I always imagine wind blowing in my hair driving down a long open road to this one.

The Way She Sings

Ade Mai

Folk/Pop – I often have this song stuck in my head for hours on end. It’s such a fun song, and I can’t help but sing along. For some reason, this one reminds me of fields of sunflowers.


Want to find more?

Though I find a lot of my songs thanks to the Daily Mixes that Spotify curates for me, I also find a lot of songs I like from the Monthly Playlists on alexrainbirdmusic’s youtube channel. Here’s the August 2018 mix.

Hope you found some new music to enjoy! 

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