Today in Cute Independent Bookshops: Favourite Spots in Wellington, New Zealand

Throwback to early one chilly February morning, I hopped on a plane for a quick trip up to New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. Wellington is known for its extreme winds, and the minor fact that it’s built on a giant Faultline (or very near, at least). I thought that I’d drive away from Wellington still remembering it for that, and sure, we got an extremely windy day, but I’ll remember Wellington for it’s great coffee and even better bookshops. Here are my favourite three.

Cheap Classics Publishers – My Top Five

By now I think we all know I like to get the most bang for my buck, especially when it comes to books. I’m a serial library loaner for crying out loud, I like to read without spending money that I need to use in order to eat. It’s a win win situation, but sometimes I want to read a book so much I decide to own it. Here’s a list of my top five favourite cheap classics publishers.

Today in Cute Independent Bookshops: Scorpio Books – Christchurch, New Zealand.

Nestled in the BNZ Centre in Christchurch’s CBD, not far from the ruins of the Christchurch Cathedral is a beautiful, independent bookshop called Scorpio Books. I discovered this little (actually quite large) gem after wanting a dedicated bookstore, not a bookstore-cross-newsagency which seems so common here. A quick Google search told me of this one, wedged between Hereford street and Cashel street.