REVIEW: Writers & Lovers by Lily King

Writers and Lovers is a slow-paced, but deep novel exploring the trying times of a struggling writer. I received a copy of Lily King’s new novel, Writers and Lovers for free via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Reading Experience

I read Writers and Lovers over a long stretch of weeks until remembering that NetGalley ARC’s expire and I had a day left to finish it. It was slightly difficult for me to become engrossed in the novel, mainly due to me being out of practice in reading slower books, but once hit about half-way, I found the book easier and quicker to read.


Writers and Lovers follows Casey, a struggling 30-something drowning in debt and grief from the passing of her mother, all-the-while trying to write her novel and navigate love.


Writers and Lovers feels very real, almost shockingly so. It’s a deep, thoughtful book with a flawed and fully realised protagonist. It touches on many topics that have plagued and still do plague writers and artists (well, probably most people) for years, one that really resonated with me was (of course), ‘am I wasting my life?’ It was great to connect to the book like that. However, I genuinely struggled getting through the slow pacing of this book. It comes off as trivial, mundane and banal in places, then again that’s also what makes it real. With Writers and Lovers, King isn’t trying to depict life through any rose-tinted glasses, she’s simply observing how it is and showing that to us. Whether that makes a book good, or a trifle boring, it depends on the reader’s taste. Personally, I was completely torn.

Though Writers and Lovers was a deep, and complex novel, I found it difficult to fully emotionally invest it. It’s one of those times that, for some inexplicable reason, the book and I just didn’t quite click.

Who Would I Recommend it to?

It’s perfect for readers who like character-driven novels that are slow, but thoughtful and deep.

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