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S e r v i c e s

Developmental -- Riverside Editing


Developmental editing is focussed on your story as a whole. In these edits an editor will analyse aspects of your story including (but not limited to): plot, structure, character, dialogue, world, tense, point of view, flow, subplots, pacing, weak links, unanswered questions and consistency. It’s the developmental editor’s job to ensure your story is engaging and interesting for the reader.

From AU$0.03 per word (US$0.017)


Line editing is focussed on your language. In these edits an editor will analyse your novel line by line, looking for ways to enhance your meaning and boost the reader’s understanding of your story. It’s the line editor’s job to ensure your story is clear and the language is interesting for the reader.


From AU$0.02 per word (US$0.011)


During a manuscript appraisal, an editor will read your manuscript and provide 3-4 pages of feedback. The editor will highlight the strenghts and outline areas of improvement. The editor will then suggest what further edits would best benefit your manuscript (i.e. self-edits, developmental, line or copy edits).


From AU$200 (US$120)

T e s t i m o n i a l s

Catherine Testimonials -- The Riverside Library

A b o u t

fun fact:
I always have a camera with me, but rarely ever pointed at me.

Hi there! I'm Mikaela, a freelance illustrator, writer and editor. I started writing novels eleven years ago, and over that time I've become extremely passionate about my hobby. As I wrote and joined online communities, I was lucky enough to meet other writers who asked me to edit their work.

After six years editing for Wattpad, Fanfiction and FictionPress writers, I decided to turn my side-hobby into a full-time gig. So, here we are!

A litte more about me:

I graduated University with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, which is (obviously) a completely rational education for an editor. Right? I had every intention to follow the path to medicine, however, after I'd managed to gather together all the material, scores and references to be eligible to apply... I just decided not to. Instead, I packed my bags and went couch-surfing in New Zealand for a nigh on two years. I spent that time working as an illustrator, fine-tuning my craft as a writer, and reviewing books for major publishing compaies including: Bloomsbury, Hachette, Harper Collins and more.

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